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Vermont foliage locations — 6 Comments

    • Hi Amber I would say this is a simple one which means it’s not a good answer for you. but Manchester should be fading at this time… Will you find some late trees. I would think so but the majority should be done by then.

  1. Jeff, is Sept 21-24 too early for good color in the Mad river valley? thanks, DB

    • hi Denise, I would say that during those dates in mad River Valley you would have light color, maybe 25%. I think the key would be elevation and if you headed up on Sugarbush you would find more color. I know that on or about 23 September I usually find nice color on occasions notch which is only 57 miles North of mad River Valley. here is a link to my Facebook page and the image is from last year right near mad River Valley over in Northfield so the elevation should be about the same and the dates are the same. This was shot on September 22, 2013.
      in general you won’t find flamboyant color that early in September but there’s every reason to believe that you will find “nice color of 25% or so”.
      I just posted to pictures to my fall foliage Facebook page at this link: both pictures were taken in Vermont around 23 September to 27 September. Let me know if you think that is enough color to be considered good?

      • Jeff thanks so much for getting back so quickly. I realize this is not an exact science based on what I’ve read and experienced. I recall in years past visiting in Jaffrey NH and missing almost all color over the Columbus day weekend. Last year my friend in Pittsford Vt said the last week of Sept was brown. So to be safe I may compromise and go up to Mad river a week later, ie, Sept 29. By the way, your photos are beautiful, and I think no matter what percentage of color we get, we will be in awe. I was in Pittsford during mud season and loved it! Thanks again….DB

        • Well hopefully we’ll be able to find you some color. Some of the big factors are the temps in Sept but also the amount of sun we get. Cloudy days are as bad as rainy ones… So here is to cool nights and sunny days!