Iconic Vermont view of the Waits River church

Waits River church

Scenic drives through the New England fall foliage. Finding a scenic drive that winds it’s way through the fall colors and a covered bridge or two. This is the ultimate goal of most people and it’s a broad subject. Almost every road to include every highway has the potential to be a scenic drive. But please don’t slow to a crawl on I-93 or some behind you is liable to get a bit angry.

Please save the leaf peeping for the next exit and while that exit may see like the twilight zone, I can assure it isn’t (unless you are kicking a can past the nursing home) 🙂 Figure that one out…  But even on the back roads when you think it’s safe to get out and snap a picture, please pull as far over as possible. The locals assume the leaf peepers will be on the main roads and they assume the road will be clear and if you are standing in the middle of the road… Well lets just say you have been warned.

Scenic drives


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