The striped maple or red maple turns a fiery red color where the whole tree is red from top to bottom.

Why I love New England! You won’t find this out west!

Hi Foliage peepers!

If you are looking for my fall foliage in New England locations, then don’t worry I have moved them to my main fall foliage website!

If you came here looking for a particular location it will still work BUT! when you click on the article here it will take you to my Jeff-Foliage website. Why? I found that I have too many blogs and websites to maintain.

I mean I have my fall foliage Facebook page and you can also follow along with me on
All you have to do is hit the location by state on the bar above and you will be taken to the same article on the main site. If you have any questions hit the contact me on the bar up above.

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