My New England foliage forecasts

This is one of my homes for New England Fall Foliage forecasts and you can get the  foliage reports here link at So click to go there.

Orange fall foliage in a cemetery

Grey granite against orange backdrop of fall foliage

I’ve been doing fall foliage exploring since I retired from the Air Force. I won Yankee Magazine’s first fall foliage image contest and I went on to become their first ever foliage blogger.

I now explore, photograph and blog about New England’s fall foliage and tell you as best I can where the colors will be and more importantly “When” I think they’ll be. In reality I’m just taking a stab in the dark because until I see what winter, spring and summer brings us in the way of weather I really won’t have a strong guess.

New England Fall Foliage Forecast

My January 2015 fall foliage forecast for New England (on site and ready to read)

My March 2015 Fall foliage forecast for New England (on site and ready to read)

My May 2015 Fall foliage forecast for New England (TBD)


Do you want to find Peak fall foliage?

How about my New England webcams? Whether you want to see the lay of the land or just see how much snow we got, you can go tot his page and enjoy an armchair trip around New England

Some people say finding peak fall foliage is a science but I say it’s more of a mystical art.  The truth is simple, its impossible to forecast but you can increase your chances.To start off, this subject occupies most of my waking hours and apparently some of yours if my emails any an indicator. This is the most asked question for me from leaf peepers the world over.

I just wrote an article (one of many) on my thoughts on how to best attempt to find peak fall foliage in New England.

Here is my standard definition of what peak fall foliage is: Within line of sight and 360 degrees around you, every tree that can turn a color other than green, has. Also this means that few if any trees turned early so most of the leaves are on the trees and not under them.

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