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So far I have listed links for Scenic Railroad trips that you can take and I have several Bike rentals (some with) trails nearby and I hope to add more scenic suggestions like walking and hiking trails. I’ve also been asked for kayak info and I’ll be adding gondola rides and the zip lines for the adventuresome.

New one but I need a picture: Cranberry Bogs in Massachusetts

Agri-tourism, better known as farm stands,and apple orchards or any place that sells harvest items. From maple syrup to honey and from fresh corn to my favorite, Cider donuts







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  1. My kids and I are planning a trip to Boston, Stowe vt and Portland Maine November 5-11. Will there still be bright colored foliage at that time or will we be too late? Thanks
    Julie from southern California

    • You will be seeing a lot of sticks up in Stowe Vt and you will be about a month late there but for Boston and Portland you will still some color. Usually The common and gardens around Boston peak around the 1st of November. I’m not as confidant about Portland as I usually see really good color by 17 Oct on the Maine coast but there will be color just how much I’m not sure..

      That said, all areas are very scenic with lots to see and do. Boston has the history and Portland has lighthouses and maritime history and shops and lobster… what more could you ask for??? Oh fall colors… hmmm I would say leave off Stowe except to see mountains you’ll be too early for snow (I think) but if you could move the trip back to late Oct, I would be more confidant of better colors.

  2. Jeff, do you have any links to RVing the colors?
    We are leaving in August for a 2-3 month trip from San Diego through Montana, Winnipeg, Madison, WI, to Niagara Falls and then 2-3 weeks in New England for colors, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Savannah, New Orleans and then back home to San Diego. We figure to head east from Madison, Wi about mid Sept.
    Our thought is NOT to make reservations – we will be in our 25 ft motorhome (towing small Honda) with our dog. Think there will be problems finding campgrounds in Sept-October.? Any references to RVing foliage routes?


    • Well Perdooz, to start please remember that the colors really get going in northern New England about mid to late Sept and emphasis on late Sept. If you were to time it so you could come across from Niagara falls the last week in Sept and travel into St Albans Vermont as your entry, then you will get a good start.
      Now for the bad news, starting further north and then proceeding south the RV parks close up and many close by Columbus day. The good thing about this, is that much of the color can be seen by this date in northern VT/NH. So, I think you’ll find RV parks but as to will they be all full? I suspect that you may have trouble on the weekends so what I would do is call around to some of the KOA or local RV places. I’ve stayed in a few in early October and near Quechee off Route 4 is the Pine Valley KOA
      I’m not sure how in advance we made our reservations but while we were far away from the bathrooms we could see the place was only half full. This was around 5 Oct and prime time for foliage peeping. I think there are guides like Woodalls still out there and you should call around and just ask if they usually fill up during the week you are usually there.
      Also find out when they close for the season.. Also if they don’t have any reservations I hope they don’t close up early… But I need to think positive… I just put in some general stats at Pine Valley for the 2-5 of Oct and they have 3 50/30amp pull throughs, 2 pull ins and a dozen or so back in/pull ins that have different hookups. Will they run out? I don’t know…
      One of the hardest things is to find a route that caters to RVs. One that has BIG pullouts for you to park along. I would say most routes will be fine as long as you are going to park somewhere and get into the honda and do your motoring with that. For instance if you get near Stowe VT (good sam reports so you can check those out but also watch out for Smuggler Notch. A great drive on Route 108 in the honda but please… Please do not come down into Stowe on 108 or leave Stowe on 108 in the RV… It will never make it. half ton trucks can slap mirrors with other cars or trucks.
      But outside of that road, I think most other roads would be safe.
      I know Route 2 in Massachusetts has a hard switchback just before going down into North Adams and on the Kancamagus highway as you head up into the mountains there is a fairly tight switchback. But I know both of those tight turns are navigated by the large tour buses many times a day all year long. So your 25′ should be good.
      If you check this route in NH I think you would enjoy it.
      Check my scenic locations by state ( and browse through my stories about each state. Don’t see what you are needing then drop me a comment…