Cranberry Bogs in Massachusetts

cranberry bogs in Carver Massachusetts

Carver Massachusetts: 9 Oct 2009

Bright red berries, plump, juicy, Sassamanash, tangy, tart, red berry, Mossberry, dried cranberries and jellied. No matter how you enjoy your Cranberry from photography to next to the stuffing at Thanksgiving, there is something that draws us to these berries that thrive in acidic soil that is layers of sand and clay.

This wet land is lower than the surround areas and the plants are kept moist during the spring and summer but it’s not until Autumn and the berries ripen that these bog growing areas are flooded. Then a special tractor runs up and down the rows of plants gently shaking the plants and the berries are released, floating to the surface.

the red berries float after growing all summer. Then the bogs are filled with water and a special tractor goes up and down the rows with blades to knock the berries off the bushes. Then the floating berries are gathered up.

nudging the berries along

Then the dark red cranberries are gathered to one side and a vacuüm tube is placed on the surface of the water. the berries are sucked in and drop on to a hopper that separates them from other matter and then a conveyor belt  runs them up into a waiting truck.

If you are interested in photographing or touring a working farm, click the map and you will be taken to a Massachusetts Cranberry website that lists many farms that either offer the tart red berries for sale or might offer Ag-Tourism events on their farms.

Cranberry bog map with details

Cranberry bog map with details