A Vermont farm amid the fall foliage in New England on route 14

Vermont farm in foliage

I love to stop at farm stands for the fresh taste of autumn straight from the farmer’s field to my kitchen. Sometimes it’s taking the time to visit a favorite farm where they make really great cider donuts or picking fresh corn right off the stalk with the smell of corn silk as I pull open the husk to see the white and gold kernels.

Whether it’s vegetables or fruit at the peak of ripeness, each of the farms or orchards listed on the following pages has either been recommended by me or one of my loyal readers has put their stamp of approval on the grower.

Choose the state below you want to find a grower in and on that page you will find their information and possibly a link to their website.

If you come across a grower that you think should be on my pages then fill out the form at the bottom of the page with as much information as you can so I can put their information on the correct page. If nothing else give me their phone number and I can call them and put their info up here.